News from the Moose Herd!

We are quickly approaching the end of the school year!  We are all excited for summer break and to be able to bask in the sun and not have to do or grade homework.  It was a pleasure this year to teach this inquisitive and bright group of students and I wish them the best in grade 7 and in the new building!  

Please feel free to stay in touch through my email address cnotice@mansalberta.ca over the summer break!

PAT Test Practice
Writing Games

Science Links

Forest and Trees Link
Dr. Arbor's Tree Talk
Fall Colours
Trees Inside Out
Dirt Detective
Secret Life of Trees
A Walk in the Forest
Tree Cookies
Tree Games

Life in Space
NASA kids

Planets for kids
Build a Planet Game
Make a Solar System 
Cassini: Explore Saturn
Weight in Space
Solar System Memory Game
Kid's Astronomy
Constellation Fun Brain 
Learning About Constellations
Stargazer Games

Evidence and Investigation
Mr. Kurpinski's Class Notes
CSI: Squeak Sneak
Virtual Exhibit on Evidence and Investigation
Copse and Robbers 
CIA Photo Analysis Challenge
Perp Walk

Language Arts 
Parts of Speech Game
Language Arts Games
Spelling City
Reading Games

Math Links

Arcademic Games
Fun Brain Math Games
Math Blaster

Game Classroom
Hooda Math

Social Studies Links

Greece Unit 
BBC Ancient Greece
Britism Museum Ancient Greece
Virtual Field Trip

Local Government
Chapter 5 
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8


Bullying Links

Beat the Bully Game
The Bully Project
Stop Bullying Games

Music and Art Links
Jubilee Centre Design a Set