News from the Moose Herd!

March was a busy month and we are all looking forward to Easter Break on Friday March 30 and Monday April 1!  Our next trip will be to the Muttart Conservatory and to a community centre where we will have a special P.E. class. 

April is reading month at Mamawi!  We will be reading the book Wonder and a number of Cree hardback books. We will be decorating our classroom based on our favourite books. At the end of the month we will have a special open house where visitors will come and read to our students.  If you have any book suggestions please contact the school. 

Because April is reading month most of our homework assignments will be to practice our reading fluency and expression.  Please as often as possible read with your child and ask them to read to you.  We want to focus on creating confident and fluent readers during our final term.  

Please feel free to contact me at my email address cnotice@mansalberta.ca.  We are in our final term this school so we will need to work hard to stay on track right until the end. 

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