News from the Moose Herd!

January has flown by and we are back into the swing of School after our Christmas break!  We have a field trip almost every month this term that we are all excited about attending. However, students need to have good attendance and behaviour to attend trips. A contract was sent home that outlines the requirements to attend our fun outdoor education camp in May.  Please ensure this is signed and returned as soon as possible. 

Our first trip is tubing in Red Deer on Thursda6 February 1, 2018. Our next trip will be to the Muttart Conservatory and to a community centre where we will have a special P.E. Class.

Some of our students have been doing an excellent job completing homework and handing it in.  However, there are some who still have difficulty remembering to turn in their assignments. Please ask your child if they have homework as we are working on becoming more responsible to prepare our students for junior high school and their future careers.  

Please feel free to contact me at my email address cnotice@mansalberta.ca.  Let’s work together to have a fantastic year!

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