tânisi kahkiyaw 

I am Janice Clark.  I have been teaching for 21 years the last 10 years at Mamawi Atosketan Native School.  

I am excited to be to teach the Native Culture Studies program at Mamawi this year.   I will be planning the lessons based on the Cree Language and Culure K-12, Alberta Program of Studies.  This program was deleloped by many Cree Elders, community members and Cree Educators.  I will be using the support of community Elders and family members as supports to the NCS program this year.  

Mâmawi Ohtâwîmâw (the Creator) has given each person talents or strengths to be discovered and the choice to develop and share the gifts.  This quote, taken from the Alberta program of studies, reminds me that each child is a special gift from our Creator.  It reminds me that each child is unique, beautiful and full of talant.  It will be a joy to help each child develop their talants and share their gifts with their classmates, teachers, family and community.   

Please feel free to contact me anytime.

call the school @ 403-783-4362
or email me at jclark@mansalberta.ca

Janice Clark