Mrs. McPherson's K5

I am thrilled to begin our year together. I am looking forward to some exciting learning experiences. I feel it is important to inform you about my policies and classroom procedures. You are the expert on your child and I appreciate and respect your input and support, so please contact me with any concerns or comments.



Communication: This is an essential ingredient in our success together. Please feel free to call, or send a note to me with any concerns, comments, or suggestions regarding your child or classroom policies. I will communicate regularly through your child’s agenda planner, parent letters, phone calls, updates and conferences. I can be reached at the school at 403-783-4362.


Agenda Planner: Every child will be given an agenda planner. Please sign or initial your child’s agenda EVERY night.  Homework will be written in the agenda daily. You will rarely see a school day that is blank. I will do my best to monitor the students and make sure that they fill it out accurately. There is a copy of the agenda in the classroom where information will be recorded and students will be able to check to make sure they have accurately entered information that is to be sent home. Please watch for notes from the teacher also. Please feel free to write me a note as well. 


Absences: When your child is absent from school it is very important that you send a written excuse to the school on the day that he/she returns. Please keep in mind that much of what we do in class cannot be made up because of whole group activities, hands on lessons, and group discussions. It is very important that your child is in school regularly. Make up work will be assigned, but because of the nature of several lessons I may not directly reteach what the rest of the class may have learned while your child was absent. When your child returns from an absence there will be an “Absent Folder”. This will contain any handouts, assignments and letters to take home. Your child needs to check with me about any other work that he or she may have missed


Discipline:  I have high behavior expectations for the students. We work together at the beginning of the school year to create our class agreements. I expect students to abide by our agreements at all times. If a student has repeated problems in the classroom I will contact the parents.  


The TRIBES agreements used in my classroom are:

-Attentive Listening

-No Put Downs/ Appreciations

-Right to Pass

-Mutual Respect