The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes

Chapter 1:  absence, askew, caked, contrary, crooked, entertainment, precarious, roars, scuffling, twisted

Chapter 2: broad, circulated, disgracefully, incredulously, intruders, peals, safely, scurry,  strewn

Chapter 3: flashed, hesitate, impatiently, particular, puckered, slightest, stolidly, swiftly, vaguest, vividly

Chapter 4: admiration, announce, brilliant, consisted, paused, recognized, shuddered, timid, uncomfortable

Chapter 5: admiringly, dazzling, deliberately, dismissed, gasped, lavish, murmured, spread, submitted, whistled

Chapter 6 and 7: ashamed, blurred, dilapidated, finality, forbidding, relieve, rickety, sparse, vanished