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Mrs. A. Malley - Jr/Sr High School Secretary

Tanisi! Welcome to the Junior and Senior High School for Mamawi Atosketan.

Did you know Mamawi Atosketan means “Working Together”?

My name is Mrs. Malley and as the secretary for the Jr/Sr High building I am so excited to be working together with so many great teachers, staff, and students!
Our school is proud to provide an excellent christian and academic program which respects and responds to each student’s cultural and academic needs. We are always working to offer a save and caring environment for all of our students.

Keep an eye out for Jr/Sr High Newsletters that will be given out to all students at the end of each month with news and important dates for the upcoming month. 

If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call at 403-783-4362 or stop by my office.